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Silent Killer Of My Hidden Pain

This Book Features


Learn how I coped with the trauma of being adopted which led me to a dark path. Healing from my emotional trauma would lead me to a brighter future.


I thought suicide was the answer until I started my healing journey.  I went from wanting to die to living.  My story will show healing is possible.

Hope & Healing

My  healing was a process with hope that opened the door to healing. You can be a success story.


About The Author

At the age of twelve, everything Tonya McGregor knew came crashing down: she had been abandoned at the age of one year and adopted by the people she grew up calling Mom and Dad. Her birth mother had simply dropped her off with them to go shopping and never came back.

The anger and disappointment, betrayal and hollowness never left Tonya, it was simply buried deep down inside until it bubbled up as depression and hopelessness. Destructive choices fueled by low self-worth and bullying, as well as the racism that was rampant in 1960s Central Florida, consumed her life until she spiraled into rock bottom. She would have to pull herself out by her own hands, but she needed help—she needed God.

In a captivating retelling of her life story, Tonya McGregor divulges the heartbreak she endured, the abuses she survived, and the anger she triumphed over to eventually rise above her circumstances. Although she seemed to be a mistake to her mother—a baby whose very arrival was unwanted and uncelebrated—God showed His unending love for her through His guidance back from the murky waters of despair.


Rich in detail and raw in emotion, Tonya’s story will affect the way you see depression and God’s ability to instill the power necessary to conquer it.

What Our Readers Think

Reader 1

Ms. Tonya this book is awesome. You are awesome and strong woman. God has a
plan for you to save some lives for people going thru stuff. Can’t wait for you to get it edited and published. Thank you, it has inspired me to keep pushing thru and not give up.

Reader 4

I enjoyed reading her story and her journey despite the pain and heartache, betrayal, sadness she went through to be loved. These are the reasons that kept me reading.

Reader 2

This book helps me to look at my own situations and say I can keep going. If you went through all of this and you’re still here today there is no reason for me to give up.

Reader 5

This is a story that needs to be told, its crosses economic, social, and racial lines.

Reader 3

I ‘am so glad I met Ms. Tonya and read her book. There was parts made me cry and parts that made me smile. Ms. Tonya went thru a lot and the devil tried to take her out and steal kill and destroy her but because God had his hands on her she made it through! God kept her. She definitely has a testimony. Thank God! She does not look like what she went through.

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Gail Washington
Gail Washington
Oct 07, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It takes skill to be able to stir strong emotions in a reader. You possess a great amount of this skill and I can't wait to read what's next from you. You have the potential to be an amazing novelist. I encourage you to keep writing as much as you can, get even better and show the world what you have to offer. I'll admit that this book made me cry, it doesn't happen a lot, but when it does, I know the writer did a good job. Thanks sis for not only understanding how serious Mental Illness could be, but the awareness and signs that comes along with it Hats off to you sis. I was always told only the strong survive and that you are🌹🙏❤️



Christopher Henry
Christopher Henry
Oct 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The book was life changing thanks Tonya for being so open!


Start your journey. Begin your healing. Learn to grow.

No matter what it takes to get help, suicide is not the answer. Give your life a chance. If you're in immediate danger in the United States, call your local Crisis Center. Get the help you need now. Be a survivor, there is hope. Remember someone cares. Your healing can start here with me, with us.

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